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By Pavel Baricev

If you decided to become a Forex trader the very first thing you have to do is to choose a good Forex broker. For a beginner it can be a real challenge. A broker is a person or a company that buys and sells orders according to the trader's decisions. Brokers earn money by charging a commission or a fee for their services. There is a great deal of on-line Forex companies and it is very difficult to choose one to entrust money.

The main factor you should pay attention to is reliability of a company you are going to work with. In order to minimize financial risks it is strongly recommended to choose a regulated Forex broker supervised by a trustworthy regulatory authority (such as NFA, CFTC in United States; CIPF, OSC, BCSC in Canada; FFAJ in Japan; ARIF, FDF, GSCGI in Switzerland).

You should make a serious research selecting a company you are going to deal with. Try to f ... Read more »

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By S McIntyre

Here is a list of common work at home terms and their definitions.

Affiliate - A person who markets a merchant's service or product and is paid a commission on a sale. Common affiliate marketplaces are ClickBank, CJ, and LinkShare.

Article Marketing - An individual who writes articles related to their business and submit them to various article directories or niche websites.

Blog - An online journal. It's much more than sharing your personal experiences or thoughts. It is now largely used by corporate websites and people promoting their business.

Cold Calling - It's the process of making unsolicited calls to potential customers.

Direct Sales - An individual who promotes and deals with customers directly in selling of their products. This can be done via home parties, one-on-one home product demonstrations or through other contact settings. In ... Read more »

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By David L. Feinstein

A lot of people have gotten fed up with the worrying and strife that comes from not just this economy that the world is in now, but all economies. They're tired of feeling trapped by their income and their job, and so they go on to look for a work at home internet business opportunity so that they can have time and freedom to themselves.

The problem begins when they start out on their search and things just don't go quite as planned. As they begin their search they realize that there's a lot of junk out there, and a lot of people are out to just take their money.

If you're looking to work at home, and gain control of your own life and time, then you've probably experienced this frustration of finding the right business opportunity that you can trust. So in order to help you out...

Here are 3 Tips to finding the work at home internet busine ... Read more »

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By Dan Stevens

Many Internet entrepreneurs are able to make a successful living via various work from home opportunities from the Internet. This they are able to accomplish to a certain extent by work from home part time jobs. However not all of these are as legitimate as many others.

The Internet has opened up a world that is an entrepreneur's dream, with whole niches that previously were the breeding ground for large companies and multi-nationals, are now virtually opened up to the average Joe, with a large array of freely available material to aid in their quest of researching and conquering said niche.

There are still many individuals who are unaware of the potential of making a living from the Internet, or even moving part or a large subsidiary of their businesses online, equally there is a large number of people quick to jump on many work from home opportunities, that ... Read more »

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By Alla Dove

Starting out on a new dating site is like going out to explore the vast cosmic space. Even though this flight will definitely open up a new and amazing world for you, you should know about potential threats to your safety and take some precautions before launching into the open space. Armed with a little knowledge about internet scammers you can protect your privacy and security online.

Most dating sites allow people exchange messages with strangers in a safe manner. For most internet users this type of communication is addictive and fun. But since people's real identity is not displayed, dating site members can put on a virtual mask and pretend to be someone else, or even use a scam to take money from naive people.

Let's learn how to see a potential scammer on a dating site and protect yourself.

Think before you write:
When writing to someone on a dating site, guard your personal information and identity as carefully as you can. You don't need to provide all your data, fill out all the fields in your profile or give someone your home address for any reason. Always remember that a friendly person that you met on a dating site can actually be a scammer, stalker or even a pervert.

Don't be too naive:
Scammers are usually good at psychology and can predict what you want or are looking for. That is why you should beware of those who are too family-oriented, too sweet, always agree with anything you say and declare that they like/love you too soon. Remember that if it's real, then on the other side of the screen there is a person just like you who also needs time to trust you and start a relationship with you. A scammer is more likely to be too affectionate and understanding.

Do a search:
There are many scammer lists with pictures online now. If you know the persons name or you want to check a particular site online, simply Google this information: put the person's full name in quotes (if you put it in quotes it will give you results for this particular name the way you put it), also type Scam or Scammers next to it and hit search. If there are any scam reports related to this name they will pop up right away.

Show your concern:
If you suspect the person you're corresponding to in scamming, show that you are concerned. Deeper questioning and a request to provide more information will scare away most scammers. Make them a little nervous. And never regret if after that they stopped writing to you. No, it does not mean they lost interest for you. In most cases it means they decided that no money is coming from that cautious player and that's just what you needed.

Don't trust every dating site:
Even if it's a dating agency, it doesn't mean it's totally legitimate. Sometimes even a whole dating site can be a scam. Stay away from sites that make you buy translation for your letters that you send to your date on the same site. Such sites sometimes hire girls to write letters to their clients so that they could offer translation for letters and make more money on it. In this case it is better and cheaper to translate letters into a foreign language by yourself, but if you feel that translation software doesn't do this right, find cheap translation for dating purposes. It this case you will control the whole process and will be sure that the dating site doesn't profit from your letters.

Use audio-video aids:
Many scammers don't want you to see them because they use someone else's pictures and identities. Ask them to chat with you online in any instant messaging program. Use a web camera. If the woman or the man you met online is really interested in you, she or he will take time to install a program and buy a camera which is pretty inexpensive in most countries. If a video chat is still something they cannot do, ask them to take a particular picture for you with their mom or a friend they mentioned in their letter, so you can see it is a recent picture. Or at least ask for a phone number.

Don't fall for such lame excuses, as "I don't have a phone", "I don't have a camera", "I don't have an email" or "I don't trust you". Can you really believe that in our world of high tech someone might not have a phone or an email? Ok, one might not have a camera, but most modern cell phones have built-in cameras nowadays. If they cannot trust you, there is not much motive for you to trust them. Although efforts are made to improve the reliability of dating sites and online dating, one should always be careful. Be sure to follow suggestions in this article to feel protected and knowledgeable while meeting new people online.

Author: Alla Dove
The article is provided by - an online service that offers translation of personal messages and private letters from Russian into English and vice versa. We also offer a Webmoney exchange service for PayPal users. Please, check out our site to read more about online dating in general, Russian translation, classes of Russian, traditons and more. Thank you for reading our article!

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